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My name is Jörg, I was born in Switzerland and I live with "my" wife and two children on our family estate in Hungary.

Dr zodiak ram is a pen name, and of course the "Dr" is not an official Dr. title. Rather, it is a self-awarded Dr. Life-Art at the University of Life on Earth. My first CD "Sun, Moon, & Earth"(see music_page), which was completely self-produced, is considered my doctoral thesis.

When I was about 20 years old, in 1987, I left my previous life behind me and set off. My life so far, that was an unproblematic childhood, normal school-leaving qualifications, then an apprenticeship as an office clerk and afterwards also an apprenticeship as a bricklayer. I broke out of normal everyday life and had one main goal. I wanted to know the truth. The truth about life, about who "I" really am, and what God is all about, and, ... what is going wrong in the world here on earth, that there is so much discontent and that hopelessness and suffering can be felt far and wide. The environment I had left behind at that time could not answer my questions. Yes, I questioned the whole social and cultural structure, because what I experienced there did not correspond with my inner perception.

On my journey, I let life guide me and I experienced life itself and my own life path as the greatest teacher. Lovingly and with great patience, life and my path teach me who I am. It teaches me that I am one hundred percent responsible for the life circumstances I find myself in and on which field of infinity I put my focus. We are all children of God, we are creators. When we create with love and joy, that is what comes back to us. We are all completely free.

dr zodiak ram,
Companion at the End of Time - Traveller through the Space of Eternity
Meaning of "the end of time":

humanity now has the opportunity to enter the space
called the present.
This presence encompasses the entire universe
 in its unimaginable boundless expansion,
from now to eternity in all directions and dimensions,
This is the reality of God.

The key to entering this space is the willingness to accept everything as it is, as a part of the whole and of one self,
and to always be love.