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Is there a way out of the hamster wheel,
is there real freedom?
What leads to real freedom and sustainable contentment?
What is the path to peace on earth?
Trust in life and in the fact
that your dreams, ideas and goals are good and right.
Let love and joy of life be your inner guide!
Don't judge anyone who is different from you and
lways keep your heart open!
This is the great task!

To master your aliveness,
Now and here,
in your human body on Earth,
here in the dense plane of polarities,
in the light and shadow realm of the Alone Consciousness.
Just be yourself, eternal life,
and free expression of Being Alone."

This is the path of freedom

Do not all people in their own way seek happiness and contentment in their lives, a life of joy?
There is a belief that there are as many ways to achieve this as there are people. I believe this is only a half-truth. I say there is only one way and that is the "own way". For me, this means taking the path of becoming conscious and recognising who or what I am in "reality" and being completely myself.

If I want to change the world, this starts first and foremost with me.
If I radiate love, love comes back to me, if I radiate harmful energies such as anger, resentment or dissatisfaction, these also come back to me. It is always my decision what I want to create and experience and how my world reflects me. This leads me to the decision to create a space of love. If I feel uncomfortable and unfree in my body because of bad experiences and habits, and if I limit my own scope of movement because of expectations and belief patterns, I will not experience contentment and freedom even if the external circumstances change for the better. Only those who are themselves, who are able to be themselves without fear and without hesitation, to love life as uninhibitedly and spontaneously as a small child, are truly free,

But often we are not aware of the patterns and programmes with which we hinder ourselves.
It takes a clear intention and a great deal of courage to face oneself completely honestly and without pride and to begin to solve and free the problems and unfreedoms in oneself, not in others and not in the world. We are living in a great time of transition of humanity into a new vision of reality.
Living in nature helps us to find our way back into our true being and supports us in living our true nature. In a life embedded in nature, the sensory experience is much more complex and dynamic than would ever be possible in the monotony of cities or even within artificial systems. To find a smooth transition into a life in nature, living on a family estate lends itself. This is not a way back but a way forward into our full power.

Sometimes the time we live in today has been described as "the end of time".
To me this means; The end of the imagined illusory reality, the end of deception(illusion) and lies, the end of the domination of external circumstances, senses and time over the eternal self .

The people who decide to do so now find their way back into their true being,
into a light, peaceful and joyful life.
For this great transition, it is useful to follow some principles:
Life on Earth (Mother Earth)
The embodied human being is a part of the natural biosphere on earth and thus a part of nature within nature. For a long time, man lived exclusively within and from nature. Man was aware that the earth is alive and that all of nature, everything is alive in its very own way.

Living close to nature, as a part of nature, is one way of living on earth. The other way of life takes place in man-made structures and is the normal starting point for the vast majority of people today. All the artificially created systems on earth are, however, rather a hindrance to the natural development of the human being. The human being actually possesses the ability to exist completely freely and independently. He is an embodied eternal soul and spiritual being. The artificial systems, however, keep humanity in a world view of unnatural dependencies, where nature is seen as threatening and troublesome and must be conquered. But the fact that nature is the basis of our embodiment, our own nature, is usually forgotten. Our body is nature, a part of the natural fabric of the earth and the cosmos. In the interaction of the almost unbelievable diversity of life on earth, we experience the universal laws and can study them in nature and in ourselves. In doing so, we experience who we are and recognise the working of the divine principle, love.

Although we have forgotten how to live in nature, the natural habitat of human beings is actually untouched nature. In nature we experience relaxation and healing, we experience that we can be ourselves unconditionally. Through a flowing, natural way of life, the human being stays in touch with his true nature. This helps them to open and keep open their psychic channels. Sensitivity and the ability to perceive the aliveness of all things and to be in constant exchange slowly begins to be active again and grows naturally. By living on a family estate, for example, the human being slowly gets used to living in nature again and to be more and more independent and free from all artificial systems.

Man lives eternally
What really constitutes the human being, and for that matter everything else that exists, is "the conscious spirit of God", the soul, We perceive and are alive. We are consciousness embodied as a human being, a being living in eternity, perceiving itself right now through a body and taking a look at creation. This living consciousness is love, pure ever-flowing love that flows through all that is. Being love is our true nature.

To dive into the physical world of opposites and apparent transience here on earth is a daring step that everyone consciously decides to take. From my point of view, we do this because we enjoy exploring new worlds and in doing so expand our perception of ourselves and of all that is (God?). All that we encounter is ourselves in eternity. Where does the I end and the You begin? Everything must be embraced with love, no matter how different and incomprehensible it may seem. We will never pass away. Things that we reject or want to dominate we will encounter again and again until we have learned to encounter everything unconditionally in love and to support everything on the path of self-knowledge and love,

Independent thinking and free will
Only those who are free of shame, guilt complexes and limiting belief patterns are able to unconditionally accept and love themselves and everything as it is. Everything one accepts for one's own truth must be carefully chosen and examined. Any definition or idea of how it should be or what would be ideal could be a self-imposed limitation that in reality limits and makes unfree. It is good to really get to know the world and oneself and to explore one's own being without reservation before setting goals for one's life that may then run counter to the nature of love.

In one's own thinking, only that should be cultivated which one would also like to experience in reality. We live here in a space of free will and everyone believes what they want, it is their own decision and insight. I always have to decide for myself what I want to believe and what I do not want to believe. For example, I am completely free to believe whether everything ends after death or whether I live forever. Faith is a powerful tool of intention to create reality.

I think it is fundamentally important to choose one's own thoughts with great mindfulness. Does my own thinking correspond to what I would like to create? Are my thoughts and feelings a unity or are there still unresolved emotions and belief patterns that disturb my creative process. It is important to be aware again and again whether the thoughts correspond to my own reality, are they really my own or have I taken them over from the environment? Through our thoughts and imagination, the inner images we feel, we have an unimaginable power to shape the world. We are called upon to use our powers wisely and with awareness for the whole.

There is only the "here and now
The only thing that really exists is the "here and now". Only the present moment is real. Satisfaction or joy that I expect from an event that lies in the future simply does not exist. It will always be a short-lived fleeting joy. If I expect any improvement in life's circumstances from the future, it will be that I will have to wait a long time. Everything I will experience in the future begins right now with directional thoughts and felt inner images.

Every moment I have the choice of how I want to feel right now. Do I want to see myself as a victim of the respective life circumstances and make my happiness dependent on the satisfaction of culturally shaped needs, or do I take responsibility for my thinking and feeling. I can decide at any moment, regardless of the external circumstances, to open my heart and also to leave it open. To be what I am, flowing love. I begin to love the present moment, with all its accompanying circumstances, unconditionally and absolutely, without ifs and buts. This is where the space of love arises. This is not easy, but it is the mastery of being human and the great challenge in the current transition of awakening humanity.
The human being is a creator
Although most people today were born into a society in which man feels rather weak and powerless and chooses the path of the masses, he is still a human being and a creator being who possesses great power in his strength (love!). Jesus and Anastasia and others are people who are aware of their true divine nature and bring this awareness into their daily lives. There are many more examples of people who do not suppress their powerful and creative nature and allow themselves to be fully themselves. Every human being is fundamentally capable of this, including you and me. Creation is our playing field and we are all called upon by life to try ourselves out, to play and to create. But beware! Only when we are in love will we experience love and joy in the world. As children of the light, as divine beings, we are now called upon to allow the full potential of the human being to unfold freely and to participate actively and lovingly in the creation of our world. Only fear would be a reason not to do so, but if one examines these fears closely, they are irrelevant for an eternally living being.
The time of change - the end of time
Time is a space that encompasses the "now" and the whole space of "eternity". If consciousness allows it, every place in this space is freely accessible in the present. The universe has no beginning and no end, and neither do we. End time? What is it, what ends here? And what begins anew? The time of illusion, of false ideas about reality, is ending. The programmes that lead people into enslavement and create mental stupidity, circumstances that have kept them in unfavourable dependencies become transparent. It is the end of (self) deception for those who are ready to know the truth about themselves and the world. It is the birth of the true self-aware human being and the united humanity that is now awakening to its true nature after a long "pupation period".

The time around the year 2012 is described by many as the time of great changes. Various cyclically recurring events, which overlap, cause a massively increased flow of energy through the earth. Through these natural cosmic processes, human beings gain access to an expanded consciousness. The more comprehensive perception frees us from the distorted image of reality that characterised the past age and now leads us back to love, the fundamental life principle of creation, back to ourselves. The time of joyful creation begins for humanity on a purified planet Earth that shines in all colours.

Man, woman, family
For humanity to continue, it is necessary for man and woman, woman and man to meet and decide to bring one or more children into the world. Yes, that's how it works.
That's what we call family. And what would the whole thing be without....

Of course, without love? Nothing works without love.

Life on earth begins in the family. In the space created by the parents, the child is born and learns from the mother and father in the very first years of life everything it needs to know about life on earth. How the mother feels and how man and woman meet is decisive for the child's development. In this first period, the mother is like the goddess and the father like God for the child. And I think that is how man and woman should meet here on earth.

I as a man see the goddess in my wife. That which I am, the eternal soul, is always complete and whole. But here on earth I perfect myself as a man by recognising in the woman my counterpart, the other pool, and accepting her exactly as she is. Her body is fundamentally different from me and the ideal for practising unconditional love. On the soul level, woman and man are always one being, but in physicality they are always separate. Even the physical union of man and woman will always be only a limited experience of separateness. Only when this union is complete again on the level of the heart can unity be experienced again. In this climate the space of love arises as an ideal entrance portal for children.

Nowadays it still needs a lot of healing to overcome this state of separateness which is easy for love. Our genetic material carries all the information and suffering of our ancestors, and also their support. Everything we bring into the light and into love affects the whole ancestral chain. The healing that we experience through unconditional love is so extensive that we cannot yet fully grasp the full extent of our condition and the powers available to us.

(Hier gibt es ein Glossar mit einer
etwas ausführlicher Bearbeitung)


Now the new age of joy begins on earth!
With today's far-reaching changes on earth, the relationship between man and woman is of course also changing, as is the way we deal with the children, the newly arriving souls, the divine children of eternity. The basis for this new way of dealing with each other is love throughout. Love is given away unconditionally and without condition. Life is lived out of abundance. Everything that exists is generously shared. The time of lack and neediness is over.

From the healed relationship between the masculine and the feminine, a peaceful
and joyful way of life arises on earth. Families once again live fully embedded in nature, the natural conditions of the earth and the cosmos on their land, and are provided with everything they need for their livelihood through their family land. There is a completely relaxed and joyful exchange among people and the encounters, also with plants and animals, gain enormous depth. Through this expanded self-awareness, we human beings become capable of rectifying and healing the mistakes or rather "unkindnesses" that have caused great damage on earth.

Joy shows us the way